The iDungeon Guide

In preparation for the script’s release I’ll be writing a user’s guide for using the script and some general Dungeoneering advice. Due to the complexity of the script and many buyer’s potential inexperience in the skill, it should help people get started. I’ll be adding to this as I make time.

Welcome to iDungeon

Hey there, and welcome to Runescape’s most advanced Dungeoneering bot, iDungeon! This guide will cover everything from buying the script, to using the interactive paint, to the basics of Dungeoneering to help you maximize your experience.

The free version, features list, and why you need Pro

iDungeon comes in two flavors, free and Pro. I’m a big fan of free scripts, which is why you’ll find the free version to be really awesome in its own right. However, the most advanced features and significantly improved xp/hr is reserved for Pro.

Free version features:

  • Floors 1 – 35 (all the Furnished floors)
  • All the boss battles are individually scripted
  • Complexities 4 and lower
  • Flawless room detection and door opening
  • Advanced exploration methods capable of solving any dungeon
  • Prayer support for boss battles
  • Incredible interactive paint
  • Armor improving – wields armor dropped along each dungeon
  • Melee and range combat support
  • Pure mode – never worry about defense training again
  • Fully failsafed to keep the script running for hours on end
  • Prestiges and repeats!

Pro version features:

  • All the free features plus these and much more:
  • All complexities supported
  • Solves almost all puzzle rooms
  • Supports all door types
  • Medium dungeons
  • Gatestone teleporting
  • Occult floors (beta)
  • Fully customizable rush settings – skip through rooms, rush designated floors
  • Weapon improving – upgrades your weapon with higher tiers of its type
  • Attack style switching

How to download and buy

The Pro version is not yet for sale. The free version is a precompiled script, simply place it in scripts > precompiled and load RSBot and run iDungeon.

Before you start iDungeon

It’s important that you realize that Dungeoneering is by far the most complicated and nuanced skill in the game. It is highly recommended that you have at least a basic understanding of the skill before you begin. Read an intro guide and do a few floors on your own. If you’re using the free version then it’s absolutely essential that you complete all six complexities at least once on your own before you run the bot. Failure to do so will cause the game to automatically increase the floor complexity beyond levels supported by the free version. You can tell when you’ve unlocked all the complexities when none of them are grayed out on the selection window.

Also, be prepared for bugs and other issues. There are so many situations that something strange is bound to happen eventually. Under normal circumstances, the script will manage to keep running by trying a new dungeon. Be sure to report any issues you encounter to the iDungeon forums.

Starting the script

When you run the script, you’ll be presented with a news banner and a login area. Free users must use the username “free”, and password “version”. Only by registering your own personal login by purchasing a Pro auth will all the features be unlocked. Be sure to place your character either directly outside Daemonheim with nothing but a Ring on you, or in the start room of a brand new dungeon. Once the script is inside a dungeon, you’ll be presented with a series of pages of options in the interactive paint.

On the first page, you’ll select your primary combat style, and a secondary backup (if necessary).

Next is the general options. Here you can enable or disable options like burying bones, picking up  your arrows, eating heim crabs, in the first row. The second row is prayer options. The first will enable using protection prayers against certain bosses, the second is the same, but will activate quick prayers (use combat boosts, not protections). The third option will enable gaining prayer experience by opening prayer doors and completing puzzles that require prayer (only for C6). The final row on this page gives you the option to activate pure mode, which will constantly monitor your attack style and ensure you never gain any defense experience. Style swapping will automatically choose the best attack style for the given floor type you’re on for your current weapon. The Occult floors option will attempt the first few Occult floors, provided you can access them.

On the left side of this page, you’ll see another tab that says “Complexity”. Click it to bring up the Complexity selection and rush settings. Move the arrows up and down to cycle the complexity you want the script to enter. The “Prestige” option enables resetting your progress at your max floor and repeating for more experience. The next option will cause the script to enter medium dungeons (provided you’re using C6), and the last will paint addition information about doors and rooms on the minimap that’s useful for bug reporting.

From here you can also enable rush settings, which will skip through rooms faster, at the complexity you choose, and from the first floor up to the one you select, at which point it will stop rushing and return to the main complexity you’ve chosen.

After pressing continue again, the final page of the setup will instruct you to bind and wield the primary weapon you want to use, leaving any unbound armor in your inventory (the script will automatically wield and improve your armor throughout each floor).

Congrats, you’re now ready to let the script run!

Which Complexity is right for me?

Generally speaking, you want to use the highest complexity you can at all times. If you’re using the free version, C3 is generally recommended over C4 as there is little experience difference, but you start with armor which helps reduce your number of deaths. If you have Pro, go for C6. Feel free to experiment with rushing a few of the early floors and see how it affects your xp over a prestige run.

What’s the best weapon for me?

Choosing the right weapon is different for every account. Many players consider spears to be the best, as they are capable of all combat styles, and may be poisoned. Spears always train defense so pures should stay away. A great choice for F2p accounts (and my personal favorite) would also be a Fractite 2h sword, as it can slash and crush with high accuracy. Members’ strength pures should consider taking advantage of the fact that Maul requirements are set by strength rather than attack level, which will allow you to wield higher tiers than would otherwise be possible.

Rush Settings

The script allows you to tinker with rush settings, which can be used to emulate human-like play and improve your experience per hour. Rush settings are available under the Complexity tab. First check the option box to enable them. Then, select the complexity that you want to rush at, and then the floor you want to rush to. From floors 1 to your selection, the script will run at the chosen rush complexity, and use various techniques to skip through dungeons faster. After it reaches the floor you specify, it will then revert to the normal complexity you’ve chosen and continue onwards. Also note that if you disable prestiging and enable rushing, the script will shut down once you reach your chosen rush to floor. This is very useful if you want the bot to rush the early floors for you so that you can do the last few floors with a group for maximum experience.


13 Responses to The iDungeon Guide

  1. 4hitmadness says:

    where can i download the script

  2. abc says:

    its on his forum google: idungeon forum home

  3. Bot101 says:

    why cant i run c6?

  4. Cijzer says:

    kiko how much will the pro version be?
    I mean price

    ps I love you (no homo) for making this script

  5. Zummy says:

    Is it possible to let it complete floor 1-17 and no further?
    And if so, is this only for the pro version?

  6. Johnny says:

    The free version will now do floors 1-35 on complexity 4. you can download it at

    Thread Link:

  7. Winny says:

    this is pretty freaking cool
    i’m really impressed at your programming that you would spend
    this much time on a script, thanks for all the effort

  8. Bob Bobby Bobso says:

    Amazing, Kiko. Simply amazing. Are you going to make your own standalone client instead of running it as a precompiled script in RSBot? But then again, you coded it with RSBot’s API.

    How long have you been coding? Not RuneScript/RSbot’s modified version of Java, but regular Java, and/or C++ and so on. And how long on RSbot’s modified version of Java?

  9. coreyferland says:

    he said since mid september, i was there wen he started and have been watching ever since

  10. Icelight says:

    Downloading now!

  11. Tmac says:

    When the pro version comes out! I’ve got money saved up!

  12. asdf says:

    this is crazzzzy

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